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The Beauty Called Purva Venezia

A thing of beauty is a joy forever. - John Keats.

Can you describe an apartment complex as a thing of beauty ? I have no hesitation in doing so. Beauty they say, lies in the eyes of the beholder and I am charmed by this beauty , and have tried to capture that beauty on camera. Yes, Purva Venezia is a photographer's delight. Some would say that it is the camera that enhances its beauty, and that the reality is actually a notch below. I would turn around and argue that what I am able to capture is only the outer physical appearance, and that the soul of Purva lies in the vibrancy and bonhomie created by its inmates, and that is something my camera or writing can never fully capture or do justice to.

Purva Venezia, as the name suggests, attempts to capture some of the essence of Venice. Its USP is its deep blue waterway which winds through the property. A welcome sight for sore eyes, you can see some little birds come here to quench their thirst. This huge body of water along with the swimming pool helps keep the temperature of the place a few degrees below that of outside. Combined with the cool breezy air that greets you here, getting past the imposing gates and coming in is an experience in itself; you feel the heaviness melt away, you relax, you know you are in the comfort and safety of home.

What greets your eyes in Purva , after the expanse of blue waters mentioned above is a lot of green, lush green lawns, flowers and shrubs , and trees and trees and trees. There are groves of trees scattered around, so much so you can imagine yourself in a forest if your imagination will let you. The trees outside the boundary walls on three sides also help in enlarging that cover of green. The walking track of more than a km. along the periphery of the property is lined with a certain variety of tree that give off a heady perfume when in bloom. You would want to walk around just to take in that fragrance.

I have written earlier about the flowers at Purva, that gift of nature to man. Here flowers of all hues meet your gaze, in whichever direction you may choose to see.

The amenities at Purva include the club house, swimming pool, badminton and tennis courts and a half basketball court, two childrens play area, a huge ampitheatre where major festivals are celebrated with a lot of josh and fervour, two grocery stores, a salon, an ATM outlet, a pharmacy cum clinic, a stationery cum gift shop. These basics allow for a self sufficiency that is particularly welcome now.

Till a few months ago, senior citizens would sit together in the evenings outside and enjoy a tete-e-tete. You could hear elderly ladies singing bhajans in unison in another corner. Kids of course would whiz by on their cycles like dare devils, the young mothers trying to ensure that no injury came to them. The activity outside of home is now restricted to masked men and women walking and some few children cycling. However, gratitude is on everyone's lips for the vast space within Purva that enables them to come out for some fresh air, and walking and some exercise. And I must mention the benches where you may rest and just while away your time, those white beauties straight out of a story book. It is so picturesque.

Doing a count of the trees, I was surprised by the numbers. Would anyone have thought that there are around 700 trees within this property. These trees are all just about 10 years old and they are already touching a height of 30 to 40 ft. Is that simply not amazing?

As with everything man made, no place can be cent per cent perfect, and Purva too will have its flaws. That's the space for us to improve and grow.

For now, however, it is the ever changing skies, the waters, the trees, the flowers, the birds and bees, the butterflies, the children, men and women, the housekeeping staff , the buildings standing tall that all together make for that beauty called Purva Venezia. And as you take a walk around, or sit under the shade of a tree, or see a cat rushing by, you know it's good to be alive. It's good to be at Purva Venezia.

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