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CA Final 2013 CA Final was the qualification exam for the CA Examinations and was administered in 2013 by the . The analysed 8,020,982 candidates for the exam and the overall pass percentage was 60.04. The pass percentage of the exam was higher than other years and the low pass percentage in previous years was the main reason that led to the 10% cut-off. The average marks were obtained as 924.5, compared to 840.5 in 2012. Calcutta School of Economics and Management The Calcutta School of Economics and Management was established in 1959 by, then Governor of West Bengal, Lt. Governor of Kolkata, Dr. C.K. Mukhopadhyaya. The school also provides certification for Master of Business Administration (MBA) after the successful completion of a 7-year course. Notable alumni Gopal Kundu, economist and Indian ambassador. Eminent alumni References External links Category:Schools of Economics Category:Technical universities and colleges in India Category:Universities in Kolkata Category:Educational institutions established in 1960 Category:1960 establishments in IndiaQ: What are some good software tools for web app testing Hello I am looking for some tools to help me test my website from a usability standpoint. Are there any software tools that you would recommend? A: I like bugzilla. It's a free alternative to sourceforge and apache project. You can quickly submit a bug report and give examples/executable code. Edit: Since I'm supposed to add some value to my question: Sybase Central is a great free service for software development teams, it has plenty of tools and the UI is quite nice. If you don't mind paying, JIRA is great. Etapix and Iktosoft are a bit pricy, but they do offer a free demo. I think you need to be careful what you actually want from testing. If you just want to check if everything works, the best way is to put it online on your web host and then point it to your server. If you want to test if it will work for lots of different browsers and/or different versions




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Parag Gupta Costing Book Download syrewonn

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