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Simple Cooking #1: Basic Vegetable Soup

There is nothing to beat a hot bowl of soup on a cold day. It truly is food for both body and soul.

Here is a simple no-fuss recipe that can never go wrong, and which also lends itself to different variations depending on what is available in your pantry.

Ingredients I am using today:

Onion 1

Tomato 2

Carrot 1

Pumpkin 1 slice

Bottle gourd [Lauki] 1 piece [size of an apple]

Garlic 3 cloves

Ginger ½ inch piece

Salt and Pepper

Coriander for garnishing



- Clean and cut into large chunks and put all ingredients to boil in about 500ml. of water, except salt and pepper and coriander. If using a pressure cooker, one whistle will do if you have the time to let the steam release on its own.

- Remove the tomato skin. Put all the boiled vegetables in a blender and blend. Be careful. If the food is too hot, the hot pulverized mess will spill out of the jar, and the kitchen wall will have graffiti on it.

- Put the blended vegetables and stock back on the fire to boil. Check for consistency. Add salt to taste, and pepper.

- Pour into soup bowls, garnish with coriander leaves. You could always add a dollop of butter!!


The onion and tomato and ginger garlic are really the only ingredients that are a must. You can try using different vegetables as available. Potatoes, sweet potatoes, spinach, celery, squash, cauliflower, cabbages, mushrooms, knol kohl in combination all work fine. Just ensure that these vegetables do not exceed double the quantity of onion and tomatoes used.



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