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Machh'er Kalia (Spicy Rohu Fish Curry)

Ingredients :

Catla or Rohu fish Salt (for marination) Turmeric (for marination) Chilli powder ( for marination) Mustard oil Ghee Dried red chillies Bay leaves Cardamom Cloves Cinnamon Cumin seeds Onion (paste) Onions (sliced) Ginger Tomato Yoghurt Turmeric Red chilli powder Kashmiri red chilli powder Cumin (Jeera) powder Coriander (Dhania) powder Raisins Salt Sugar Hot water Bengali garam masala Green chillies


  • Marinate the fish pieces in salt turmeric and chilly powder.

  • Deep fry them and keep aside

  • In the same oil fry some thinly sliced onions and keep aside

  • Now add red chillies, bay leaf, cardamon, cumin, cinnamon, and cloves to the oil

  • Add the onion and ginger paste and fry well until the raw smell goes away and the oil starts to separate from the paste

  • Add in some red chilly powder, turmeric, coriander and cumin powder to the onions and fry well

  • Add some salt and sugar at this stage. Fry till the masalas are fried well, you can add in some hot water to avoid burning of the masalas

  • Now add the chopped tomatoes and fry until they turn soft

  • Add in the whisked yogurt and mix vigorously so that the curd doesn't split

  • Add hot water, bring the whole gravy to a boil

  • Adjust salt as needed

  • Add in the fish pieces

  • Add in some garam masala, boil for some more time

  • Add in the fried onions and raisins

  • Top the gravy with some ghee and green chillies


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