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Simple Cooking #2: Corn with sweet potatoes and tomato

Simple cooking is about the foods I cook daily for my family. They are mostly nutritious and healthy, and most importantly, less time consuming to cook as I do not like spending too much time in the kitchen. For me food should not only be nutritious , but be tasty as well and equally appealing to the sight. Yesterday's breakfast was omelette and toast with something thought up at the moment, a dish of sweet corn with sweet potatoes and tomatoes. It tasted good, even though cooked without any oil and so I am sharing it here. It can be had with dosa and parathas as well.


Sweet corn

Sweet potato


Raw Red Chilli chopped or chilli flakes

Thickening agent maida or cornflour or atta

Italian seasoning (optional)

Salt to taste



- Since I just eyeball the quantities for my ingredients, I am not giving quantities in terms of gms, cups etc. The dish also does not call for very accurate measurements.

- Take equal quantities of corn, sweet potatoes and tomatoes. The tomato flavour is the essence of the dish.

- Cut the sweet potato in thin roundels so it cooks as fast as the other ingredients. Chop tomatoes fine.

- Put them all to the boil covered with just adequate water. Once they are done, add the chopped red chilli or chilli flakes, salt to taste, italian seasoning, and the thickening agent (one level tbsp.of flour mixed in a little water).

- If your tomato is tart, you could add some sugar. The dish is ready. I garnished mine with some basil leaves from my balcony garden.


You can add butter, cheese if you want. I am in favour of adding some fat to every meal, as it helps in nutrient absorption. But I see what else I am serving at that meal and try and balance out the fat accordingly.


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